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Tradecraft Analytics offers the operational and analytical expertise to help biopharmaceutical companies tackle complex commercial opportunities.


We solve complex patient data problems in order to enable biopharmaceutical companies to connect the right patients with the innovative treatments that will most benefit them.


We pride ourselves in working from a large toolbox of solutions. Let us find one for you.

Patient Data Strategy

Identify the assets and solutions needed to support the business and how they should be leveraged to answer critical questions and assess performance.

Patient Mapping & Modeling

Map the prevalence and incidence of your target patient population and model its impact on the market to illustrate areas of opportunity and risk.

Patient Journey Development

Understand the how and why behind the treatment decisions for your target patient population.

Patient Type Analysis

Determine which patient population is ideal for your product and how successful you have been reaching these patients.

Gap Analysis

What questions have you struggled answering? What do you need to know and how do you fill the gap?

Opportunity Analysis

Uncover the needs of your target market and determine where the opportunity is greatest.

Insight Analytics

Analytical Capabilities geared towards the needs of today’s specialty products and markets.

Commercial Operations Strategy

Strategies and solutions for tackling complex commercial operations problems in specialty markets.


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